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Zambia is known as the undiscovered gem of Africa. Zambians are generally very welcoming and friendly and that describes Paul Sovi, Cellulant Account Manager in the Zambian team.

Paul describes himself as a team player who is dedicated and focused.  He believes that something incredible happens when everyone on the team is equally invested in the overall purpose and goal.

Let’s read more about Paul Sovi:

What do you do at Cellulant?

I am an Account Manager and CRM specialist in the commercial /sales team responsible for growing the business by acquiring enterprise merchants, growing revenue from existing businesses. In addition to this, I manage relationships and ensure customer satisfaction.

The most exciting thing about my work is that I can always learn something new. For nearly 3 years,  I have been able to achieve great things with my team and to support the professional development of my colleagues as well as ensure that Merchants buy our products.

<p> <img src="PaulSovi.jpg" alt=""> <strong>Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork:</team> ... </p>

What attracted you to Cellulant?

The desire to transform digital payments for Africa by Africans & Cellulant is one place where career growth is unlimited. The best thing about my work is the great team I work with – I have seen them make superhuman efforts in tricky situations. I also find exchanging experiences with colleagues from different parts of the group very exciting.

What I also appreciate about the work at Cellulant  is that good performance is recognized and the group permanently strives to evolve. The decision-making paths are short, which allows for a high level of flexibility. I personally value having the possibility to help shape the development, the trust in the work we do, and the way people show appreciation when dealing with each other. Cellulant supports the development of its employees, which I personally consider very important.

What drives you? 

As a young man, I have always been fascinated by farming. Watching my parent’s farm and taking in its part as I grew older. That stuck with me, and now I am able to farm on my own, produce enough of my own food, share with others and have enough to sell. Being independent is my biggest driving force in life.

What new ways of doing things will you keep from this past year?

Teamwork and dedication are the two most important ways I will keep from this past year because the past year has taught me that “together we win” makes the dream possible.

“Success isn’t a polished story. If you want to write a truly inspirational story, look for the gritty truth behind the success. Which obstacles did you have to clear away? Which adversity did you have to overcome? It is important not to be afraid to show your own vulnerabilities because it makes you more human and more relatable, and it makes your success seem more achievable for others, too. When you share your knowledge generously with your team  people come to trust your advice. That’s how your success story builds over time. And that’s how colleagues come to know and trust you.”

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What is something you wish you knew earlier in your life?

How to sell It is good practice to reflect on your past experiences to see how you can best use them to sell your skills to a potential employer. I cringe when I see resumes that list job responsibilities from the company’s job description, but don’t take the time to detail how the person truly impacted the organisation in a positive way.

I love reviewing customers  who have big goals to accomplish with quantifiable results to the organisation’s triple bottom line.

What achievement are you most proud of?

Signing the first Instore payment merchant in Zambia which was the inception of Instore payments in the business. To assist the affected employees, I conducted orientations to the program and training on how to write effective resumes and cover letters.

I also provided individual coaching, conducted mock interviews, and connected the new program participants to recruiters who could connect them with hiring managers.

What is the best career advice you have received so far?

In a sales career, you need to learn to listen to your prospects, not force a product or a sale just to close a deal.

How would you like to be remembered?

Apart from being remembered as the person who ignited the idea of instore, I would like to be remembered as an encourager, team player and dedicated man.

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What do you do during your free time to relax?

In my free time, I like playing golf. It is personal and a good form of exercise.

Most of the time, you play against yourself to try to beat your previous record. This makes it a lot of fun to work hard and try to do better than the last time you played.

Not only do you spend a lot of time on your feet, but you also do a lot of walking. Most courses will have you walking around 10 kilometres by the end, so you’ll certainly get in your daily step goals.

Besides that, I enjoy spending time with my lovely family.

Describe Cellulant in one sentence

Cellulant is an enabling environment for growth, learning and collaboration.


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