Cookie Policy


Cookies are small pieces of data, stored in text files, that are stored on your computer or other device when websites are loaded in a browser, and which collects information about user actions on a site.  

When you access our Platforms, we may place small data files on your computer or other device.  These data files may be cookies, pixel tags, flash cookies, or other local storage provided by your browser or associated applications (collectively referred to as cookies”). These technologies are used to recognize users as customers; customize services, content, and advertising; measure promotional effectiveness; help ensure that account security is not compromised; mitigate risk and prevent fraud; and to promote trust and safety on our Platform. We also use cookies to collect and use data as part of our services, recognise your browser or device, learn more about your interests, and provide you with essential features and services. 

This Policy applies to our websites and Platforms alone. We do not exercise control over the sites displayed or linked from within our various services. These other sites may place their own cookies or other files on your computer, collect data or solicit personal information from you.  


Temporary cookies: This is also known as ‘session cookies’; it helps our sites and platforms to recognise users, temporarily memorize their online activities and the information provided when they navigate through our website. Session cookies only retain information about your activities for as long as you are on the website. Once the web browser is closed, the cookies are automatically deleted.  

Permanent cookies: This is also known as ‘persistent cookies’ or ‘first-party cookies’; they remain in operation even after the web browser has closed. It helps our sites or platforms remember your information, preferences and settings such as language selection and internal bookmarks for when you revisit in the future.  


Cookies store helpful information to enhance users’ experiences on our site, and possibly to improve our ability to reconnect with you later. They are used to remember you and your preferences such as your preferred language, device settings, browsing activities and other useful information, help you navigate between pages efficiently, and generally improve your experience in using our services. 

The following cookies are used are as follows: 

a. Authentication: We use cookies and similar technologies to recognize you when you visit our site. If you’re sign into our website or mobile app, it helps us show you the right information and personalize your experience in line with your settings. Cookies also enables us to identify you and verify your account. 

b. Security: We use cookies to make your interactions with our services and platforms faster and more secure. For example, we use cookies to enable and support our security features, keep your account safe and to help us detect malicious activity and violations of our terms and conditions of use. 

c. Preferences, features and services: We use cookies to enable the functionality of our Services, such as helping you to fill out forms on our Services easily and providing you with features, insights and customized content. We also use it to remember information about your activities on our platforms and your preferences. 

d. Performance, Analytics and Research: Cookies help us learn more about how well our services perform in different locations. We use cookies to determine and measure performance and to learn whether you have interacted with our websites, content or emails and provide analytics based on those interactions.  


We set cookies in a number of different locations across our services. These locations may include: 

a. Our websites (including and ) and other  Services; 

b. Our mobile applications; 

c. E-mails (We may use cookies in some of our emails to enable us to understand how you interact with our emails. It also helps us to improve our future email communications with you. Depending on your email or browser settings, cookies in our emails may be automatically accepted.) 


We will always ask for your consent to accept the use of cookies on your device. You can freely decline our cookies when you see our “accept cookies” request or through your browser settings. Cookies are optional unless they are required to prevent fraud or ensure the security of Platforms we control. You may also configure your specific browser or email settings to automatically reject cookies. You may also erase cookies stored on your device through your browser settings or by deleting the folder or file where they are stored on your device.  

Declining our Cookies may affect your ability to fully utilize our Platform and services. Without cookies you may not have access to certain features on the site, including access to certain personalized content.  

Cellulant may revise this Cookies Policy to reflect changes in the law, our data collection and use practices, the features of our site, or advancements in technology. If we make any material changes, we will notify you by email or through a prominent notice on our sites/platforms prior to such change.