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“I love to drive! As far as I can remember, I have always loved the feeling of being behind the wheel.

My journey as a transport officer started back in 1988, when I got a job at a tour and travel company. I started out as a messenger for the company, then eventually rose through the ranks to become a driver for the company. My thought at the time was that I wanted to pursue a career in being a tour guide – it would give me more exposure to the world and people. I worked there for 19 years and then left to work for a government parastatal in Kenya and later on a consulting firm before joining Cellulant.

My aspiration to explore the world and meet different people from different walks of life led me to the Cellulant Kenya office in 2012 where after going through an interview, I got accepted. 

Onesmus Maweu Cellulant 1

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I started off as the driver and soon after, I realized that I could thrive in my role. Aside from my driving expertise, I had an edge at the job since I had taken a couple of defensive driving and first aid classes. Eager to start my job, I spent time learning my customers and their schedules. From my previous work experience, I knew that being confident at my job and making sure that my bosses can trust me are among the attributes I needed to have to thrive in my role.

Before I knew it I was getting the exposure I always wanted. I was now getting experience and exposure to working with both local and international “customers”. I have had the opportunity to not only chauffeur the C-Suite executives but the board as well as I became the Senior Transport Officer.

Cellulant has prioritized my interest in bettering myself by developing new skills through personal growth plans. I think that’s why 9 years later, I have no thoughts of wanting to look elsewhere for new opportunities.

This job has allowed me to do something I enjoy, which is driving. The key is to maintain professionalism and a high level of skill. If you really want to make it as a transport officer, you need to show up!!

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My favorite thing about Cellulant is the strong bond and togetherness the staff members exude especially in the wake of problems. I love being in this environment and seeing how this bond translates to the work we do to transform Africa. It takes every one of us.

I am looking forward to what comes next.”


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