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Joy has been in Cellulant for 8 years now, she considers herself a product evangelistshe believes in the product and wants others to share this belief too.

She describes herself as diligent, easygoing, meticulous, focused, and most importantly a joyful person.

She is responsible for ensuring our global product is locally relevant for the Nigerian market; this comes with many meetings—with customers, partners, colleagues, management, etc.,—all geared towards ensuring that there is common understanding and alignment across all teams. Let’s meet Joy, shall we?

Joy Nimen - Cellulant Product Manager

Where did you go to university? What did you study and why? Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Nigeria. 

I studied Computer Science at the time because I had a keen interest in understanding how things work and it also afforded me the opportunity to do something I loved; solving problemsmathematical problems.   

What drives you? 

Problems! Solving real problems that affect lives daily. Knowing that every other day is an opportunity to solve a problem that can potentially change a life, family, community, country, continent, and the world at large is all the motivation I need to keep going.

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What attracted you to Cellulant? 

The vision and heritage, at the time I heard about how Cellulant was pioneering financial inclusion and digital payment for the continent and told myself I wanted to be a part of the movement, the rest as they say is history.

Describe Cellulant in one sentence 

Visionary—a pacesetter for the African continent!

What drove you towards fintech and product development generally? 

My love for solving problems, first it was mathematical problems and then I realized how financial problems were related to mathematical problems, the transition was effortless for me. Product development, particularly in the fintech space was like the “icing on the cake” for me.

Which have been the most rewarding moments?

Watching lives and businesses progress and grow from the value that our product offers.

What words of inspiration would you give to young women and girls who still feel that tech or certain professions are not for them? 

You are enough as you are already how high you fly, rise, and lead depends on you. Believe in yourself and follow your passion!

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Who has been the biggest influence in your career? 

My boss Faizal Mirza — his attention to detail is highly contagious.

How do you want to be remembered? 

A purpose-driven, God-loving person, committed to helping and lifting people.

What do you love most about working at Cellulant? 

The people, passionate and brilliant minds committed to making Africa a better place.

In your own words, what does Cellulant want to do in Africa and why is that inspirational for you? 

We have this saying; making money is hard, payments should not be. Cellulant is here to make payments as easy as possible in Africa.


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