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In Africa’s leading economies, demand for world-class shopping opportunities is growing exponentially as urbanization and incomes continue to increase, according to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute.

DHL Express’s mobile eCommerce app – DHL eShop Africa is aimed at improving the online shopping experience for Africa-based consumers and currently taking Nigeria by storm in its bid to tap into a projected $2.1 trillion market in Africa by 2025. The platform addresses key challenges to accelerate e-commerce growth in sub-Saharan Africa, partnering with Africa’s premier payments giants Cellulant, using its payments app – Tingg to collect payments.

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The exciting platform, DHL Africa eShop, not only provides you access to brands like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and over 200 more, that can ship directly to Nigeria but also enables customers to shop directly from the biggest and best US- and UK-based online retailers, with all shipments delivered by DHL Express, to the shopper’s door – That way you can stay trendy without paying a lot for shipping.

In its bid to be Africa’s biggest eCommerce provider, DHL has expanded its DHL Africa eShop business to 13 additional markets, upping the presence of the global shipping company’s e-commerce platform to 34 African countries.

Despite the growing demand, many US and UK-based retailers do not offer shipping to African countries, owing to the perceived logistical challenges involved such as high last-mile delivery costs and fraud concerns. However, DHL Express was the first express operator to set up in Africa over 40 years ago, so we are well-positioned to offer innovative and reliable solutions for on the continent.”

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DHL Africa eShop allows eShop app users to purchase goods directly from the app and the websites of any of the app’s global partners.

Payment methods include local fintech options, such as Tingg. DHL Africa eShop leverages both Tingg’s extensive coverage across Africa to collect payments and the shipping giant’s existing delivery structure on the continent, through its DHL Express courier service.

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To add some context, someone with a mobile phone and bank account in Nigeria can now use DHL’s app to shop at and have anything from designer sneakers to kitchenware shipped to their doorstep anywhere in Nigeria.

DHL eSHOP Africa - how to

DHL Africa eShop is also offering incentives to entice consumers. First Time consumers can get $10 off shipping costs when they pay with Tingg using promo code ‘’TINGG10’’. Visit the DHL eShop Africa site to enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

E-commerce offers enormous potential for the region, and Tingg is proud to provide a trusted payment platform that helps to further connect African consumers with global opportunities.



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