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In an effort to promote a domestic saving culture in Kenya, Britam partners with Cellulant to provide flexible savings with Imarika Wallets on Tingg 

Brtitam has signed a partnership with Cellulant, Africa’s leading financial technology company, to offer mobile-based investment solutions. This partnership aims to provide users in Kenya with a seamless digital platform where they can access savings solutions as well as investment opportunities. 

Kenya’s gross savings rate was measured at 5.4% in 2019 compared with 5.3% the previous year according to recent reports. The World Bank’s economic analysis indicates that Kenya’s debt to GDP ratio has risen to 65.6 percent of GDP as of June 2020, up from 62.4 percent of GDP in June 2019. As ongoing COVID-19 containment measures and behavioral responses restrict economic activity, having sufficient emergency funds and saving for a tomorrow that continues to be unpredictable has become more important than ever.
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Through this partnership, Cellulant and Britam’s aim is to create a digital solution for investments that will provide customers in Kenya with a platform that helps them flexibly save. Britam’s digital goal-based investment wallets (Imarika Wallets) will be available on Tingg, Cellulant’s digital payments platform. Customers will be able to view and pay for various investment solutions offered by Britam. They will have an option to pay using their mobile money wallet, debit or credit card, or direct bank transfers.

Britam has been leveraging technology and partnerships to increase investment and insurance penetration in Kenya.

Commenting on the partnership, Britam’s Director, Partnerships and Digital, Ms. Evah Kimani said: “We are delighted to join forces with Cellulant to offer customers an enhanced mobile experience through enabling them to use their mobile handset to save towards their investment goals.”

She added: “This partnership is part of Britam’s strategy to drive strong digital growth for the business and deliver customer-centric digital transformation through leveraging technology.”

Britam’s Imarika Wallet was introduced in 2019 as a medium-term goal-driven, Unit-linked solution that offers its customers the opportunity to earn superior returns while securing their future with access to life insurance. 

Customers can make regular contributions from as low as Kes 1,000 daily, weekly, or monthly. One can also opt for lump-sum contributions from Kes 50,000. There is no upper limit to how much or how often you can contribute. 

The plan enables users to plan and track their goals, whether it is saving for a child’s education, creating a fund to start or expand one’s business, buy or build a new home, or simply diversifying one’s investment options.

Ms. Faith Gitonga, Cellulant’s Country Manager, Kenya said: “We are delighted to partner with Britam and provide a digital payments platform where customers can access meaningful investment solutions at the palm of their hands. We believe that every Kenyan should have the opportunity and ability to secure their financial well-being no matter their income. With this partnership, anyone in Kenya can start on their saving journey and do so seamlessly.”  

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The Customer demand for open mobile wallets has increased significantly over the last few years driven by the growth in mobile money and greater access to internet-enabled mobile handsets. Tingg has been accelerating the digitisation of different sectors and providing businesses and their customers a seamless way to access payments. 

With Britam, Tingg will allow customers to Invest, top-up, and withdraw their funds once they achieve their investment target. The platform will also allow users to purchase Britam’s insurance policies seamlessly and at any time.

About Britam Holdings Plc:

Britam Holdings Plc is a leading diversified financial services group and is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange. The group has a presence in seven Africa countries in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, Mozambique, and Malawi.

Britam offers a wide range of financial products and services which include: Asset Management, Life Assurance, Retirement Planning, General Insurance, Health Insurance, Banking, and Property. These financial solutions enable our customers to create and protect their wealth and lives every step of the way. 

 For more information please visit

About Tingg

Tingg is a digital payments platform enabling seamless business across Africa. A single integrated solution, Tingg addresses the complex needs of merchants ranging from managing payments, engaging customers, and growing a business.

For any business that is looking to digitise their payments, Tingg makes it easy to collect and make payments across multiple payment methods in different currencies with the best customer experience.  

About Cellulant

Cellulant uses technology to connect people and their resources, making it easier to do business across Africa. Cellulant is committed to creating prosperity and opportunity for Africa by making commerce more reliable and more streamlined. 

Founded in 2002, Cellulant provides a single digital payments platform that runs an ecosystem of consumers, retailers, merchants, banks, mobile network operators, Governments, and International Development Partners. Today, Cellulant’s payments platform hosts 154 payment options across 34 countries; and is connected to 220M consumers on a single inclusive network allowing for interoperability that has eluded numerous players in the payments space.

Cellulant has an office presence in 18 African countries. For more information, visit or email [email protected]


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