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On that dark day, 15th January 2019, I was at work getting tasks done and suddenly there was a frantic activity on the group page about a crisis happening.  My attention was immediately drawn towards these events, it seemed like a movie reel was rolling in hyper speed.

The scenes that followed were nothing but unimaginable, an attack on a location I have come to enjoy working from, I was struck with the inability to continue the day’s tasks as I tried to follow what was happening, this reel had an ending I still wish wasn’t real #BraveSix #ForeverInOurHearts

Standing in during crisis

The same week of this unfortunate incident, I was asked to go to Nairobi to assist with business continuity by standing in for staff who needed to mourn and recover from this tragedy. I immediately accepted though parents and friends had the “isn’t there any other person?” questions but I was glad to be called upon, just being there to assist in such a time.

I arrived Nairobi with a notion that people were unable to work or resume at the office space, I met others who, though they had gone through this ordeal were on their feet to keep the clients happy and make sure services were up.

I got to be part of this and it was an enlightening experience, the way the Cellulant family came together during this period, consoling, supporting and helping each other get through. As a team, we came together and did our best to make sure that even though as a family we were suffering emotionally, we were not going to allow the business to suffer in any way.

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Duncan Eyioyo is a Senior Implementation Engineer at Cellulant.



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