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Recovery takes time and our road to recovery is no different. It’s one we travel a day at a time. It’s one filled with different emotions and unanswered questions. Why them? This is a question I have asked myself so many times since the events of 15th January 2019. This was the last day to speak to my friends and colleagues who also in one way or another formed part of my close circle. Going through the events of the day and replaying it in my mind to see if there is something that we could have done differently to avoid their untimely death has been of no help.

Acceptance of God’s Will

Amidst all the pain, we find the hand of God in all ways. Our God who enabled most of the Cellulant Team to safely leave the complex. Our God who held on to us even as faced the tragic news of our friends not making it out and even as we mourned their loss. He was with us and enabled us to give them a proper send off. We have learnt to appreciate that the will of God prevailed on that day. Appreciating that indeed all things work together for good for them that trust in him. And knowing that God has great plans for us as Cellulant we let our friends fly and shine on their way till we meet again.


They say time heals all wounds. The country seems to have moved on from the events of 15th January. But for us, this is a journey we have come to appreciate we have to go through, a moment at a time. Looking out for each other and lifting each other up whenever need be. It has been a period of all sorts of emotions. One moment we are winning the next we clearly aren’t okay.

The mind seem to need plenty of time to move on. At work when faced with a difficult task, this when the brain shifts and tells us to reach out to the brave 6. After all, they were our go-to-people in difficult tasks. It’s then that we are reminded that they aren’t with us anymore. We take time-outs from our work to just talk and remember the memories we shared with them. To go over the work they did and how best to continue from where they left. How to pick ourselves and to find the hero’s within us to emulate their braveness. Deep down we know we shall overcome this as the one Cellulant Family that we are.

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Andrine Njagi is a Hub Engineer 


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