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15th January 2019 was a normal usual day. As Cellulant, we set our eyes early enough to solve African payments problems technologically. However, the normality of this day was rudely interrupted by a horrific terrorist attack around 3 pm. Events crisscrossed so fast emotionally, physically and emotionally. For most of us, this was way abnormal. Our equilibrium was unbalanced and our normality was no more. We lost Six brave well educated and highly motivated friends and brothers.

In the wake of all these our hearts were torn apart, families affected and lives lost. The Cellulant family rose up to the occasion to support the grieving families. The support encompassed finances and moral support. This was just phenomenal.

Internally, employees were each other’s’ keepers. Rarely a day would end without receiving a phone call to just check on how each one was doing. This kept us together in a cohesive manner. Our brothers across the rest of Africa stood up to the occasion and supported the business for the two weeks we were grieving.

Healing & Counselling

Our management played a vital role by giving everyone time to heal individually and as a group. A lot of resources were set up for counselling and well-being checkups. One was allowed to exclude themselves from work until that time when they felt comfortable enough to resume.

Finally, we got new members, people and groups who identified with our situation and predicament. Your messages of home gave us the motivation to come to terms with the sad event. The counselling team especially CBT team’s effort and support will never be forgotten. Due to everyone’s contribution and family cohesiveness we are now back to work even though we are trying to discover our new normal for the initial one is gone. We will ruthlessly and with passion, continue with the great job done by the brave six for their memories to live long and for the brave heroes to always be remembered as the heroes who saved the day.

Erick Karanja – Implementation Engineer, Global Delivery Team, Cellulant
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