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For Cellulant 15th January 2019, the unimaginable happened. On a day unlike any, we have ever experienced six brave souls lost their lives to terrorists’ bullets in the 14 Riverside Attack. While many where crippled that day, leaders in the building jumped into action saving numerous colleagues, rescuing many out of danger. Numerous leaders made the selfless sacrifice to run into danger, into the unknown, without a thought for their own safety.

Cellulant Leadership during Crisis

The Cellulant leaders did not stop even when faced with worst of circumstances, they rallied around families and each other. Displaying immense bravery, courage and leadership they took over the care of survivors, families, programs, news to the very last detail. From 3 pm that fateful afternoon till the very next week when we lay down our colleagues to their final resting place.

Grief can be crippling. The cold sweat at 2 am, tossing, unable to shut off the anxious thoughts cruising through your mind. That feeling of calm before you open your eyes, and the crushing weight of pain that threatens to overwhelm you as soon as your feet hit the ground.

The one constant question in my mind has been how should we respond in the face of senseless terror? What is the appropriate amount of anger at terrorists? Should we resort to hatred and revenge?

Responding in the face of Senseless Terror

The answer for me came from the most unlikely place, at the burial of Kelvin. When the priest performing the last sermon and message talked about not being caught up with thoughts of revenge. That the only way to truly respond to terrorism and fear is to be fully alive to what you have been called to.

Each of the six had amazing stories of impact and significance. Though tragically cut short their legacy continues to resonate with so many. Our response is the hardest thing to do right now because fear and grief can be paralyzing and hijack any sense of the present.

Pursuing Our Purpose

Our response to terror requires us to wake up daily and not be overwhelmed by fear, uncertainty, and grief. But to truly honor our brave six who ran a phenomenal race with courage, passion and impact it calls for us to live fully. To live lives of purpose, faithful to our individual calling, so on that day when we meet again in eternity we will have nothing more to give, we will have run our race, and fought a good fight.

In the face of bravery shown by the Cellulant Brave Six, we only have one choice, no matter the trials of today, your life is meant for a divine purpose, we have to live it. Our toughest act now is going to be in living and pursuing our purpose and ideals so we can defeat the senseless terror that threatens to paralyse us in constant fear.

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Angela Centra is the Country Manager Cellulant Zimbabwe


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