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Every end month comes with the hassle of paying all your bills. The
genesis is always, remembering which bills to pay before disconnection, the
various account numbers, the actual amounts, last but not least, the actual
payment process. For most of us, it’s hard enough keeping an accurate track of
when the water bill is due, electricity, internet, postpaid line, PayTv amidst
all the work deadlines or parenting duties.

Utility bills, like taxes, or having a dental procedure, are one of
those pesky things we can’t avoid in life. Unlike the latter, paying utility
bills can be a real pain especially nowadays when we seem to be virtually
paying for everything except air.

Picture this scenario, it’s the 6th of the month and your electricity
bill or water bill is already due. You can’t seem to remember where you wrote
that meter number! You spend almost 10 mins scrolling through your phone
looking for that meter number. Woe unto you if you have more than three bills
to pay every month.

The Monthly Headache of
Paying Bills

To many living in the urban cities within the African continent,
although most  service providers such as water or electricity companies
have incorporated various payment options such as the use of mobile money,
 or mobile banking, for the busy, mobile and connected consumers, this
convenience is still not enough as many of these services are only available
via USSD or needs one to
install an app for each service.

Gone are the days when we didn’t mind installing as many apps as we needed, there is a deluge of apps and nowadays, for every app we want to install, we have to make the decision on which one to remove. Having a single app or service that allows us to pay all our bills has become an absolute necessity.

Comprehensive Bills

Shouldn’t there be a way, nay, a service that can keep a track of all
these utility payments so that consumers don’t have to struggle with excel
sheets or reminders or worse, getting to their house late in the night after a
hard days work only to realize that their electricity and water was disconnected.

Shouldn’t the service whether in form of a mobile app or USSD service be able to
remind you that your bills are due, when, how much and ultimately, enable you
make all those bill payments from one place regardless of whether you are
paying from any of the mobile money services, your bank or via a debit/credit

The Tingg mobile app user interface

What is Tingg?

Tingg is a simple & secure digital commerce and payments platform by Cellulant that helps you manage and pay your bills as well as buy airtime in a simple, fast and secure way for consumers and business across 33 countries in Africa.

Currently available on Google Play, on USSD and soon on IOS, Tingg brings all payers and all payees around payments under one platform providing that crucial linkage between all these players in a seamless way that enables quick transactions. It is also the fastest way to purchase airtime across multiple mobile operators.

Who is Tingg Pay For?

Whether one is paying their Kenya Power prepaid bill using M-Pesa in
Nairobi or in Ghana paying for their DStv using their Ecobank account or in
Zambia buying airtime for their dual sim phone, Tingg Pay caters to consumers
and business alike.

For consumers, Tingg offers a simple, efficient and fast way to manage the whole process of paying bills monthly. No more reminders and excel sheets.  Unlike other existing utility payment services, many current Tingg customers have praised the service’s ability to send them reminders via SMS on due payments as well as enabling them to pay using different payment options such as mobile money, direct bank, debit or credit cards.

For Business across Africa, Tingg is the best way to accept digital payments in various forms from your customers regardless of their physical location. Tingg enables businesses to collect payments from customers using several payment methods without having to figure out the nuts and bolts of it all. Tingg collects all these payments on behalf of the business whilst providing real-time visibility on all transactions including monthly reconciliations.

Download the Tingg for Android app today and discover the easiest way to pay your bills and airtime. In the 2nd part of this article, we look at how Tingg works.



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