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Payment Processing for On-Demand Service Apps in Africa

By February 25, 2024April 25th, 2024No Comments2 min read

In the dynamic landscape of on-demand service apps, efficient payment processing stands as the cornerstone for streamlining operations, ensuring sustainability, and fostering growth. These platforms, exemplified by industry giants like Uber, Netflix, Showmax, Glovo, Spotify and Jumia, have seamlessly woven themselves into the fabric of everyday life, offering unparalleled convenience at the tap of a screen.

Why On-Demand Services Apps Is a Rising Industry

Africa’s digital and on-demand economy is experiencing exponential growth, with staggering figures reflecting this trend. For instance, the food delivery sector alone witnessed a revenue surge from US$9.40B in 2023 to a projected US$16.5B by 2028. This growth is propelled by a demographic wave, with millennials and Gen Z constituting a significant portion of the user base, seeking instant access to services.

The Two Sides of On-Demand Services Apps

At their core, on-demand service apps operate as two-sided marketplaces, connecting time-sensitive customers with service providers. Whether it’s riders versus drivers or delivery partners versus consumers, the ecosystem thrives on real-time transactions and seamless payouts. Users demand swift, secure, and flexible payment options, while providers seek expedited settlements in an ever-evolving gig economy.

Payment Processing for On-Demand Apps

The payment experience within on-demand apps plays a pivotal role in shaping user satisfaction and platform growth. Users expect personalized payment methods, rapid settlement times, and robust security measures. Recognizing these needs, on-demand platforms require comprehensive payment processing solutions that can seamlessly handle collections and payouts.

Tingg: A Seamless Payment Solution for On-Demand Service Apps

Enter Tingg by Cellulant, a game-changing payment gateway tailored specifically for on-demand service apps. Tingg offers a holistic approach to payment processing, ensuring a delightful user experience through:

  • Seamless payment collection, accommodating 283+ payment methods across mobile money, cards, and banks.
  • Extensive coverage across 22 African countries, with support for multicurrency processing and automated settlement.
  • Quick and secure disbursement of funds to partners through Tingg Payout, facilitating mass or single payouts across 33 African markets.
  • Simplified integration via a single API, bolstered by regulatory compliance and anti-fraud solutions throughout the payment journey.


In the competitive landscape of on-demand service apps, success hinges on the ability to provide a seamless payment experience. With Tingg by Cellulant, businesses can elevate their payment processing capabilities, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive sustainable growth. With a proven track record boasting 2000+ businesses across 35 African countries, Tingg unlocks unparalleled market reach and revenue potential for on-demand service providers.


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