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Behind every good business, there is a great accountant…

By July 15, 2022July 28th, 2022No Comments4 min read

Whiteson Musonda, from our Zambia office, has been working at Cellulant for the past 8 years. He joined as a Business executive in the Finance department then. 

Today, he is an accountant under the same Finance team. He is a seasoned accountant from the Chartered Accountants Zambia under the Zambia Institute for Chartered Account program.

Whiteson is an easy but tough and soft-spoken young man who is not easily moved by external negative energy.  He further describes himself as a well-knowledged handyman that is always ready for a new challenge.

Here is his Cellulant story,

What attracted you to Cellulant?

It’s the nature and model of the business whose mission is to change the payment landscape in Africa.

The other reason was for my personal growth. Given the changes and trends that come with working in a Fintech space. I knew through Cellulant I will attain growth and elevation in my career.

What do you do from day to day at Cellulant?

As an accountant, I ensure that we have a sound Finance Administration which is both Statutory and Internal Audit Compliant. as well as making sure our merchants are settled as per our service level agreement.

I mostly provide support to the Finance Manager by ensuring that all Revenues and Expenses are accounted for and captured properly on our internal system. I also head the in-store settlement team, run the receivables and payables, and support the administration and operations department. 

Cognisant of this, I strive to succeed in everything I do because I believe when the Financials are at par the business blossoms.

What drives you? 

Learning new things that challenge and contribute to my personal growth and knowing how to stay committed and work hard in whatever I put my mind to.

What would you say is the most exciting part of the job?

The kind of people I work with and how our personalities blend, so seeing them happy and enabling them to achieve their dreams through what I do at Cellulant makes it exciting as I do my daily job.

The work environment and knowing that I work for a business that strives to change the scope of digital payments in Africa with the mission to create opportunities and accelerate economic growth for all of Africa.

What’s the problem you are solving for your market?

I would say customer delight!

The team I lead and I work round the clock to ensure a settlement for our new and growing product in-store is seamless to ensure customers are delighted with our solution for collections in-store, hence the growth of the product.

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What has been your most rewarding moment?

I like challenges and over time I challenge myself to the best of my abilities so ever, however, what stands out for me is when a tool I created was eventually adopted across the business.

Early on in my career at Cellulant,  I was tasked to document and establish a recon manual for Cellulant.

I managed to crack this and created a recon tool which was later adopted and is now part of the finance manual used currently in Cellulant across the group.

What is something you wish you knew earlier in your life?

I wish I knew earlier that you are as good as your last mistake and it’s not about what is right but what is perceived to be right

How would you like to be remembered? 

A selfless pillar that helped others achieve and grow in their career as well as a person who never held grudges. 

On any day that I show up at work, I do my best to be a team player so that the next person is able to achieve set targets.  After all, you know what they say, we wouldn’t need a team if we knew everything.

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What do you love most about working at Cellulant?

The fact that Cellulant is a powerful organization with equal opportunities for performing employees. Also due to the fact that the business prides itself in doing everything by the book.

What do you do during your free time to relax?

I’m a car fanatic.

When I’m not busy working on my numbers and balancing financials, I am at the garage, building cars. Occasionally, I  play pool.

In your own words, what does Cellulant want to do in Africa and why is that inspirational for you?

Cellulant is building and connecting every business to a more reliable payment ecosystem. Which will allow us so to can create a long-lasting impact on millions of lives in Africa and beyond.

This inspires me to contribute to my key deliverables daily. To ensure that we provide a seamless and easier payment experience for all our customers.

To learn more about Cellulant visit our website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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