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Public transportation in Sub-Saharan Africa remains poorly organised across the continent. Massive rural to urban migration has exacerbated what is considered in most countries as an informal sector. The disorder remains a great challenge, very often for the regulatory, safety and revenue authorities.

The informal public transport sector is believed to generate hundreds of billions of dollars in annual revenue. A large chunk goes unaccounted for making it a challenge for Tax authorities to monitor and collect.

Can digital technology improve public transport in Africa?

Webinar: Digitizing Payments for the Public Transport Sector

Cellulant has organised a webinar event that will bring together key players in the transport sector for a roundtable discussion on the state of the industry with an aim of exploring what technologies, business models, policies and initiatives need to be put in place to further accelerate the digitization of this sector.

Webinar: Digitizing Payments for Africa’s Public Transport Sector
Tuesday 4th August 11 am -12.30 pm
When: Tuesday 4th August 11am -12.30 pm EAT
Registration: Free to Attend

Future of Public Transport Webinar Panel

  1. Mr.Johansen Kahatano, Director of Transport and Roads Control, SUMATRA, Tanzania 
  2. Patrick Buchana Nsenga, CEO, AC Group Ltd
  3. Charles Natai- Country Manager, Cellulant Tanzania
  4. Dip Patel, General Manager, SWVL Kenya
  5. Kamal Budhabhatti, CEO, Little Cab, Group CEO, Craft Silicon
  6. Moderator – Sarah Mumo, Senior Project Manager, Cellulant

Impact of COVID-19 on Efforts to Digitize Public Transport in East Africa

In responding to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, governments have had to rethink the public transport system in a bid to enforce safety measures including directives on the use of cashless payments, social distancing among others to reduce the spread of the virus. Despite failed attempts to formalize and digitize this sector, the pandemic has become the single biggest catalyst for digital transformation.  Some of the topics that shall be discussed include;

Discussion Topics

  • Can Public transport be formalized, efforts by various governments
  • Impact of COVID on public transport 
    • Emerging transport trends
    • Changing consumer behaviour & growing demands
  • Formalising and digitise services and payments in the very informal public transport sector;
    • The challenges for governments, bus owners & operators
    • The opportunities 
    • Approaches that have worked and those that have failed. A case study of Kenya, Rwanda  & Tanzania
  • Transforming the public transport sector; 
    • The role of  Technology 
    • Challenges that technology cannot leapfrog
  • Public-private partnerships  
  • Solutioning for urban & rural public transport
  • Building the Infrastructure to support the digitization  of public transportation
  • Diversification of transportation infrastructure
  • Digital Taxes & Africa’s journey towards a digital economy
  • Contactless payments, outlook, implementation, challenges & benefits
  • Consumer protection
  • Regulatory frameworks and policy-making towards more affordable, efficient and sustainable forms of mobility
  • Planning for the future; towards an efficient and affordable public transport

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