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Operating Cross-Border Payouts in Africa Efficiently with Cellulant’s Tingg Africa Payout Gateway

By January 25, 2024April 25th, 2024No Comments2 min read

In the dynamic landscape of cross-border payments in Africa, efficient and secure payouts are crucial for businesses and individuals alike. As the continent experiences a surge in cross-border trade and remittances, navigating the challenges of diverse payment channels, currency fluctuations, and regulatory environments becomes imperative. Cellulant‘s Tingg Africa Payout Gateway offers a seamless solution to streamline cross-border payouts and drive financial inclusion across the continent.

Understanding the Landscape

Cross-border payments in Africa have witnessed substantial growth in recent years, fueled by increased migration, trade flows, and remittances. With millions of Africans sending and receiving funds both within and outside the continent, the need for efficient cross-border payout solutions has never been greater. 

In 2022, about 40 million Africans living outside their country of origin made about USD$100.1bn in cross-border remittances through different channels. Intra-Africa remittances were USD$19.4 billion, while remittances to sub-Saharan Africa were USD$53 bn.

However, the complexities of heterogeneous remittance transactions, varying payout channels, and regulatory frameworks pose significant challenges to ensuring smooth and cost-effective cross-border payments.

Challenges of Cross-Border Payouts in Africa

The diverse nature of cross-border remittances in Africa presents a myriad of challenges, including fragmented payout channels, currency volatility, and high transaction costs. Additionally, factors such as the financial infrastructure of countries, regulatory requirements, and demographic profiles of senders and recipients influence the choice of payout channels. In this evolving landscape, technology and fintech innovations have emerged as key enablers in addressing these challenges and enhancing the efficiency of cross-border payouts.

Efficient Cross-Border Payouts with Payment Gateways

Payment gateways play a pivotal role in facilitating secure and efficient cross-border transactions by connecting senders and recipients across different countries. These digital platforms enable seamless fund transfers, faster settlement times, real-time tracking, and enhanced transparency in remittance payouts. By leveraging payment gateways, businesses and individuals can conduct cross-border payments with ease, reducing processing times and costs while ensuring the security of transactions.

Unlocking Efficiency with Cellulant’s Tingg Africa Payout Gateway

Cellulant’s Tingg Africa Payout Gateway is a leading pan-African payment platform that empowers businesses to streamline cross-border payouts with a single API integration. With a multi-channel, multi-currency platform, Tingg Payouts enables seamless tracking of payments and simplified reconciliations, offering a hassle-free solution for remitting funds across borders. Serving over 2000 businesses across 35 African countries, Cellulant’s platform integrates with 350+ banks, mobile network operators, and card providers to support cross-border payouts efficiently and securely.


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