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Checkout drop-offs are an eternal headache for ecommerce store owners. It’s disheartening to guide a shopper through the sales funnel only to lose them at checkout. 

It sucks, right?

Employing effective digital payment platforms such as Tingg by Cellulant can however mitigate drop-offs and boost conversion rates. This payment gateway will help you streamline your checkout process, improve customer experience, and reduce checkout drop-offs. 

Let’s explore how Tingg by Cellulant can help you minimize checkout drop-offs in your eCommerce store to improve your operations. 

Understanding Checkout Drop-Offs

Checkout drop-offs occur when a shopper adds items to their cart but leaves the website or app during payment, failing to complete the purchase.

Key Statistics Of Checkout Drop-Off

According to a study by Baymard, as of 2023,  the average checkout abandonment rate across all industries is 70.19%. Statista reports that the checkout drop-off rate in Africa stood at 85.1% as of 2022, making the continent second to the Caribbean, which had a 92.18% checkout abandonment rate.

Data also shows that checkout drop-off rates are higher on phones (85.65%) and tablets (80.74%) than on desktops (73%).

Common Reasons Behind Checkout Drop-Offs

The causes of checkout drop-off rates are mainly:

  • User experience issues such as– slow page load, forced account creation at the point of payment, security issues on the website and unclear payment options.
  • Unexpected additional charges
  • A complex payment process. 
  • Not providing a clear return policy.
  • Credit card declines.

Impact of a Seamless Checkout Process 

If achieved, a seamless checkout process significantly impacts customer satisfaction and retention in e-commerce. It will help you:

  • Create a smooth and frictionless customer experience
  • Eliminate cart abandonment and checkout drop-off.
  • Increase conversions and sales.
  • Boost customer retention and Create return customers

Key Strategies to Reduce Checkout Drop-offs

For eCommerce store owners, checkout drop-offs are a challenge that requires constant attention. The key strategies for a seamless checkout process to reduce checkout drop-offs include:

#1. Providing a Variety of Payment Options/Methods

To prevent checkout drop-offs, you need to offer diverse payment methods for shoppers. You can focus on popular payment options based on your audience, like Mpesa in Kenya and Ethiopia. Also, always ensure you have the right payment solution that fits the needs of your audience.

A good example of an eCommerce payment solution is Tingg by Cellulant, which accepts various payment options for websites or business apps, including card, direct bank debit, bank transfer, USSD, QR, and Mobile Money.

#2. Streamlining the Checkout Flow

To streamline checkout, prioritize simplicity and clarity. Minimize the number of checkout steps, offer concise instructions, minimal form fields, and easy-to-find information. 

You can also use a progress indicator to guide users and alleviate uncertainty. This will create a simpler experience, preventing checkout drop-offs. It’s also good to implement a guest checkout option. 

A guest checkout lets users purchase without an account, requiring only name, shipping, and billing details, catering to those wary of compulsory account creation.

 #3. Optimizing Page Load Speed

A slow-loading website or app contributes significantly to checkout drop-offs. To prevent this, do the following:

  • Regularly test your website and ensure a swift, seamless checkout and payment process. 
  • Compressing and optimizing images
  • Enabling browser caching
  • Reducing redirects and minimizing HTTP requests. 
  • Utilize Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to distribute content globally, minimizing latency. 
  • Minifying CSS, JavaScript, and HTML by removing unnecessary characters,

These strategies collectively enhance website performance and expedite checkout, reducing the likelihood of drop-offs.

#4. Mobile Optimization

Optimize your website or app to be mobile-friendly. Some of their key reasons for drop-offs are non-mobile-friendly payment options. Yet mobile users have an even higher checkout drop-off rate of 85.65% – so don’t give them a reason to drop off.  

#5. Building Trust and Security

For online shoppers, trust and data security are crucial. Ensure top-notch security, especially during payments, to build user confidence. Display data security badges on payment points to signal trusted payment providers and compliance with regulations, reassuring customers about data safety. 

Use security badges and payment platform logos to directly convey to the customer security measures. Clearly integrate trusted payment gateways like Tingg Payment gateway, leveraging their recognized logos to enhance user trust. 

Highlighting trusted solutions like Tingg by Cellulant assures customers of a secure payment process, fostering confidence in your site.

Tingg by Cellulant Integration

Tingg by Cellulant is a robust payment platform facilitating secure digital transactions for 1000+ businesses in Africa. It’s designed to streamline payments, particularly benefiting eCommerce stores by minimizing checkout drop-offs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating Tingg by Cellulant into your Ecommerce store

To integrate Tingg into your platform, follow these steps:

  1. Registration: Sign up on the Tingg platform and acquire the credentials for integration.
  2. Developer Access: Obtain API documentation and developer resources from Tingg for eCommerce website integration. Learn more about payment APIs here.
  3. Platform Compatibility Check: Check and ensure your e-commerce platform or application is compatible with Tingg’s integration requirements.
  4. API Integration: Use Tingg’s provided APIs and/or SDKs to integrate payment functionalities into your platform. You can also create a Tingg custom API here.
  5. Testing: Perform thorough testing of the integration to ensure seamless payment processing and functionality before you roll it out.
  6. Security Configuration: Implement necessary security measures per Tingg’s guidelines to protect users’ sensitive data.
  7. Roll out your payment to go Live: If the testing is successful and works successfully, switch to live mode and start accepting payments through Tingg.
  8. Monitoring and Optimization: Regularly monitor your Tingg integration, address any issues, and optimize the process for improved performance.


A seamless checkout process is an important step in the final journey for customers of an e-commerce platform to minimize checkout drop-offs. You need to optimize various ecommerce store elements within the checkout flow to give a shopper a smooth experience. This includes providing various payment options and methods, streamlining checkout flow, optimizing page load speed, mobile optimization, and implementing security. 

If you have many checkout drop-offs, implementing Tingg by Cellulant can help you streamline your checkout process and reduce the drop-offs. Explore Tingg and get Africa’s best payment gateway, used by 1000+ businesses across Africa.   


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