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The positive company culture at Cellulant and the energy Cellulanters exude did not take Akintoye Akingbade by surprise. When he joined the company he realised the research about Cellulant and the positive recommendations he got affirm to this.

Today Akintoye works as a controllership Analyst in Nigeria. One year and five months later, he is still part of the pan African company contributing greately to its mission and values.

Akintoye tells his journey at Cellulant.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Akintoye Akingbade. I was born into a family of four, and I am the fourth child; yes, the baby of the house. Born and raised in Ogun State, South-West Nigeria, where I did both my primary and secondary schooling until I went to Babcock University, where I studied Economics. After serving the mandatory youth service, I refined my experience in finance and accounting. I completed my ACCA qualification, and today, I work as a Controllership Analyst in the Finance department in Nigeria. 

What drives you?

Being alive and well drives me. A lot of people take this for granted.

Where would you go and why if you could go anywhere in the World?

I think that should be the Scandinavian countries. They are portrayed as the happiest people on earth, therefore, will like to experience the things that make them happy.

If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Rice and Beans- because I find the combination of rice and beans very delicious. Also, it is healthy as it combines protein and carbohydrates.

Now lets hear about your Cellulant Journey.

How did you know about Cellulant?

I first heard about Cellulant when the company was hiring for the role of a financial accountant. A former colleague of mine had recommended the post to someone in my circle and I had some interest too. To date, I am grateful for the opportunity to be a Cellulanter.

 How long have you been in your role and what attracted you to Cellulant?

I have been in my role for a year and five months now

Interestingly , the attraction came in different stages, firstly , I had mixed emotions and opinions. I then decided to research about the company i.e. what Cellulant does and finding out about the significant difference it has made in the digital payments landscape in Africa and that its founders are Africans and the company has a vast footprint across Africa.

Secondly, I had to ask my brother who used to work in the Fintech space and a well known Fintech critic. To my surprise he made positive comments about the company and actually highly recommended it, as such it made my decision of joining Cellulant easier.

Lastly, the attraction grew when I was now an employee. I had never worked in such a culture oriented company, lives by their mission and values. Additionally the company grants you the ability to learn, juggle between work and life, and still be productive as well as appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of Africa and the cultures of the markets we operate in

What’s the one problem you are solving for clients in your market, and what would you say has been the most exciting part of the job?

Making sure we deliver on daily bank reconciliations and daily cost control measures amongst other Finance functions.

The daily measure cost control’s major aspect is to make sure the market adheres to P2P (Procure-to-pay) processes. For bank reconciliations the processes allows us to have easy recons and settlements when it comes to our receivable and payables with the different banks and merchants we have in our ecosystem

The most exciting part of my job has to be part of the company that allows for flexible work or a hybrid model of work. After adjusting to the way of life after the pandemic, I appreciate how my work allows me to carry out 100% of my responsibilities and collaborate from anywhere in the world as long as I have set my objectives and abide by the company rules and regulations. I’ve never experienced or seen this kind of flexibility before.

What has been the most rewarding moment?

The most rewarding moment was when I was part of the Nigeria Finance team that concluded two Financial Audits in a calendar year and earlier this year when we got recognition for the exceptional work we did in supporting one of our key products: Tingg In Store.

Who has been the most significant influence in your career & why?

Different people have motivated and advised me throughout my career, so I can’t say it’s an individual

Currently, I would say my line manager Emdin Onyemaechi has been a great influence on my career. One piece of advice I got from him that I’ll forever cherish is to always be aware that as an accountant in an organisation, one thing to always keep in mind is to serve as if you are a Finance Business Partner to that organisation, and that way you perform to your best ability. 

What Cellulant value do you resonate with more and why?

Customer Delight, Whatever it Takes. This resonates with me because it is important to prioritize customer satisfaction and happiness above all, as this encourages a culture of going beyond the ordinary ,thinking creatively and taking extraordinary measures to create memorable experiences and foster long-term customer loyalty.

How do you want people to be remember you?

As a good and sought-after ambassador of the organisation. Someone who contributed his best while he was here.

What do you do during your free time to relax?

I’m a football fanatic. Therefore I watch lots of football. I also love history and look for historical books and videos online.

In your own words, what does Cellulant want to do in Africa, and why is that inspirational for you?

The fact that Cellulant wants to be Africa’s number 1 payment solution provider is inspiring.

Parting quote!

‘Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.’’


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