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A free spirit, Mercy Njeri thrives on good vibes, and when she’s not supporting regional and global merchants, she’s either binge-watching documentaries and stand-up comedies, playing video games, or taking a road trip.

As Mercy revealed, she joined Cellulant through a mentorship program in 2019. before having to backtrack on what attracted her to Cellulant.

She mentioned that from day 1 her heart felt at home, She first fell in love with the People, then the culture and the Vision of the business. 

After the programme ended she still followed through on Cellulant’s journey to enable seamless payments for businesses, banks and consumers through articles and how its branding position was at the time and when the opportunity came again to join Cellulant as an employee she was elated.

Mercy shares her Cellulant Story:

Where and what did you study in university?

St.Paul’s University-Bachelor of Arts in Communication

What drives you?

​​My focus is on customer satisfaction and problem-solving, because I take pride in making sure I deliver the best customer experience, regardless of what that takes.

What does customer service mean to you?

Despite the many elements to customer service, the ultimate goal is always to genuinely satisfy the client’s needs. To me, it means presenting a friendly, reliable, and courteous face for the business.

Additionally, it entails paying attention to the requirements and concerns of the client. Beyond just listening, good customer service involves taking ownership of every interaction, and going above and beyond to meet every client’s demands while also taking into account their business needs..

Last but not least, providing excellent customer service involves properly outlining our offerings to clients in order to demonstrate how we may benefit their business. It is the end goal to have satisfied and loyal consumers, so all of these customer service elements are essential.

What would you say has been the most exciting part of the job?

Customer Engagements-I derive so much joy when engaging with merchants. Customer meetings are the highlight of my days

What’s the one problem you are solving for clients in this market?

I’m currently supporting Regional and global merchants. 

My goal is to ensure that we are providing the best quality of service across all the markets that we are powering payments in. This entails regular engagements & Collaborations with all the teams that support the merchants.

What has been the most rewarding moment?

Delivering customer delight after successful onboarding a merchant.

One of our merchants came on board recently and they were very adamant and demanding on the kind of support they expected from Cellulant because we pride ourselves on delivering the best customer delight whatever it takes.

Post Go Live we had quite a challenging and exciting transition but that did not derail us from delivering the quality service we promised the customer, after a successful transition and great weekly and daily engagements and alignments on our product offering, the service was activated across the different markets being Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania and they have expressed quite an Interest in Egypt.

What has been the greatest challenge/learning opportunity about the job?

Learning on the job has so far been the most exciting part, I’ve gained so much exposure and product knowledge. Challenge  at times  hasbeen thatI have no control over the different processes that come with being in a customer-facing role and this frustrates me. I like to be in control as it keeps me grounded

Who has been the biggest influence in your career & why?

I am greatly influenced by the failures and successes that I have been exposed to. I believe that our daily experiences have great insights to offer. Just be open to learning and growing.

What do you love most about working at Cellulant?

I would say the People because they are willing to bet on you and give you growth opportunities. I can personally attest to this. 

How do you want to be remembered?

“The girl who was Bold enough to chase her dreams and she did it with a smile.”

On a lighter note, what did you do for fun after office hours?

I’m a sucker for a proper cocktail and Catching Sunsets. #good Vibes and Inshallah

In your own words, what does Cellulant want to do in Africa and why is that inspirational for you?

I think that innovation and creativity are an important part of success,and Cellulant drives both of these values.I mean who wouldn’t want to say they played a role in changing Africa’s digital payments space for the better.


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