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Jesudamilare popularly known as Darey describes himself as hardworking and dependable. 

Darey is a commercial operations and data analyst who has been at Cellulant for 2 years. He is always working to make sure customers are happy by processing settlements for customers, processing refunds, defining processes and striving to resolve issues within agreed Service Level Agreements. 

Darey is always epitomising one of our values daily on the job I.e. Customers delight whatever it takes.

When he is not crunching numbers, he loves to eat good food, watch documentaries, read biographies and finally watch soccer and play games.

What do you do at Cellulant?

I lead the Commercial Operations team for Cellulant NG. That means I am responsible for ensuring that our customers are delighted whatever it takes. 

In summary I ensure we are resolving issues within SLAs, timely settlement and refunds, providing accurate reports and analysing customer transactions behaviour to spot anomalies and provide insights on how to improve service offerings.

What drives you?

I genuinely think that the opportunity to help businesses and  customers (internal or external) alike solve their problems irrespective of the scale and scope. Oh! the thrill and satisfaction I get when I see someone genuinely happy or tell me thank you for solving a problem for them.

A regular practice to date is reading about BIG TECH and the work they are doing to improve human lives. So when you look at it, almost everyone faces the same kind of challenges depending on the location we find ourselves in. 

Once a solution has been conceived in a person’s mind, Technology can be harnessed to replicate that solution at scale, meaning more people with the same problem can be reached easily very similar to what we are doing here at Cellulant, where the solutions we are building are being deployed at scale so that a lot of people on the African continent are eased of the difficulties they face while going about their daily business. 

One quote that has also helped to establish this thought in my mind was by someone I really look up to, Sundar Pichai, I’m paraphrasing  “If it’s not going to benefit a billion people, then we are not going to work on it”

Looking at the intersection between everyday livelihood and the scale at which technology can be used to solve problems, I’m always enthused about what is achievable.

Honestly, these are the things that drive me, my desire to make life easy for others and put a smile on people’s faces coupled with my fascination for technology and how things work. 

The possibilities in this space are ENDLESS!!!

What new ways of doing things will you keep from this past year?

Before COVID I always thought physical meetings are the only ways to be productive but after adopting the hybrid working model as a business, I learnt to collaborate a lot with my teammates without necessarily meeting physically. 

I will continue to use the ways of working that promoted this collaboration of working as a team and not in silos.

“Team Work Makes the Dream Work!!”

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What are you  looking forward to solving for the market this year?

Well, across the market I think service delivery is the order of the day. So really the way I see it is that almost every actor within the space today has been able to build their technology to a certain extent and margins have gotten slimmer almost to the point where there is no basis for competition in that regard, however what distinguishes one business from the other is in the area of service delivery and customer support. 

What I am looking to achieve this year is to tinker around our current operations and develop frameworks that will enable us service our customers better, adhering to agreed SLAs and reducing TATs.

While what I do may not directly increase revenue, I believe organizing myself and the work I do to improve efficiency in key service delivery metrics will in turn yield a higher percentage of return customers, less attrition and increased customer delight.

So the equation is “A delighted user (happy human) = return user + word of mouth advertisement (new user)” resulting in sustained revenue and the cycle goes on and on.

In the end, Cellulant as a business would delight our customers and grow at the same time.

What is something you wish you knew earlier in your life?

I wish I knew that Failure is part of winning!!

I always thought to win I have to always emerge top only to find out later in life that what doesn’t break you makes you stronger. 

Success wouldn’t be so great if it wasn’t for failure. Actually, I now see success as the icing on the cake of failures.

What achievement are you most proud of?

So far, it has to be setting up the In Country Commercial Operations Desk after transitioning from a marketplace business into a fully payments business in 2021.

It was a really daunting task for everyone in the Nigeria team which involved a lot of Learning, Unlearning and Relearning particularly for me. 

As our Employee Value Proposition clearly states, Unlimited Opportunities and Growth. This was an instance where I got an opportunity to solve a problem for the business in the market I am in (Nigeria) and in the process learn and evolve to become a better version of myself. 

Being a rookie in the payments landscape, I pretty much was clueless about how the operations were supposed to run initially. Thanks to the support I got from everyone around me most especially my Line manager, Arty Murage I was able to find my way around and eased into the role.

Well, today the story is a lot different and it can only get better. I can look at the NG Commercial Ops desk and say we have a team that has a way of working and is constantly being improved on to better serve the market we operate in and beyond.

The growth in itself is a huge testament to the work that everyone in NG had to put in and the visionary leadership of the CEO Nigeria Sike Bamisebi.

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What is the best career advice you have received so far?


Personally, I can be so hard on myself. I had somehow grown to place this very high expectation on myself which sometimes became a burden for me and when I did not get what I had set for myself, I would have the habit of sulking for days and feeling really low. Starting out, I never really understood the purpose of failure, so I’d beat myself up really bad and then my whole day or sometimes week would be ruined.

Life changing advice

During one of my episodes someone I really looked up to told me

 “Hey Darey, you are a young man starting out in your career, appreciate where you are even as you strive to attain greater heights, Understand that you’ll fail at many things, in fact you’ll be embarrassed but never let it weigh you down. IT’S OKAY TO FAIL what is not okay is to have NEVER LEARNT FROM IT. After All, no one got to any great height without failing.” 


I remember this to date!

In your own words, what does Cellulant want to do in Africa and why is that inspirational for you?

Cellulant is out to create a global presence while remaining locally relevant, solving Africa’s marketplace problems one transaction at a time.

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