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Mmabakgatla Tsie is a result-oriented individual and what excites her the most is reaching a common understanding with clients. She is a thriving Account Manager with a customer service background bringing fresh thinking to projects and fostering long-term profitable relationships with clients.

What drives you?

Being able to pinpoint a client’s problems and coming  up with solutions to rectify or meditate on them. 

What attracted you to Cellulant

The fact that we are transforming the digital space and impacting positively on the lives of Africans. 

What drove you towards fintech in particular?

Curiosity,it’s a fast-paced industry  unlike mature industries, one can expect to adopt new skills and experiences that can be transferable to various fields of expertise and environments.

Describe Cellulant in one sentence

Cellulant is a necessary disruption to the digital transformation in Africa and the world.

What is the problem you are great at fixing for your market?

Ensuring that I satisfy my customers. Part of my job is to unlock opportunities with clients that have not seen much growth before by driving sales. I delight my customers by ensuring that I provide them with the right products that solve their problems and, this includes working past standard business hours to ensure that customers are happy. 

Which have been the most rewarding moments?

  • Transitioning from Customer Service to an Account management role and closing 2 of the biggest insurance players in the country projects for our clients. 
  • Working in an environment that recognizes your efforts and rewards them.

What have been some of the challenging moments?

There have been different challenges such as building trust virtually with prospects and retaining customers, scope creeps impacting on the project delivery, and losing sales deals. 

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Who has been the biggest influence in your career?

Our Country Manager Bathusi Beleme, her vast knowledge about business and leadership experience always motivates me. Whenever I’d ask for her advice, she would always say, ”Give your job your best and you will continue to go far.” These words have been engraved in my heart.

What do you love most about working at Cellulant?

  •  There is cultural diversity and open door policy, something you rarely find.
  • There is a genuine spirit of cooperation. We all work together in finding solutions and bettering the lives of Africans despite being in different African markets.

What words of inspiration would you give to young women and girls who still feel that tech or certain professions are not for them?

In recent years, women pursuing technical careers have made great strides in traditionally male-dominated fields. The IT field is a great career option for young women and girls! The work is challenging and rewarding because it’s a mentally challenging career, you will probably work with people who are dedicated to making the world better through technology.

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How do you want to be remembered?

“ A Doer”, someone who gets things done no matter the challenges and obstacles encountered.

In your own words, what does Cellulant want to do in Africa and why is that inspirational for you? 

Connecting Africa and the world through our seamless financial payments. It’s exciting and  inspiring because we are a fast paced fintech company using the latest technology.


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