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Every company says their customers are their #1 priority, but stories that show the faces behind those willing, and able to go the extra mile for each and every one of their customers are hardly told.

Get it Done Attitude

As Benjamin Franklin would put it: “Well done is better than well said.” Cynthia Mutanu from the Activation team is living up to this by showing up to work and ensuring in whatever she does, she always puts the customers first. 

With 2 years of experience working with the activation team, Cynthia shares insights from her experiences working with and listening to customers, she reiterated that customers are always looking for solutions to challenges that come up in their day to day activities and affirms that for her that is a clear brief to always make sure we are addressing their problems and offering solutions on whichever channel SMS, Voice or digital platforms to keep the customer delight. She also emphasizes that customer delight is not a job for the customer experience team but a job for all teams no matter where they seat in the business because if customers are not happy they affect all of us and when they are happy it also reflects positively on all of us from giving referrals, reducing churn rate and growing revenue and when the business grows, we grow too.

What keeps her accountable

If we forget everything else about her, Cynthia would like to be remembered as that person who does things excellently, is diligent and leaves no gaps in the tasks she does.

The problems she is best at solving include but are not limited to acquisition and retention of customers for different kinds of businesses. She just needs to understand what the business is offering, what the customers need and she is able to solve for them.

Growing her passion

Being a Business Commerce student from the University of Nairobi-School of Business, she  always thought she would end up in finance. She did internships at teleco and an audit firm respectively, and later joined Cellulant (call centre). While interacting with customers and resolving customer complaints, it became clear to her  that she was cut out for marketing then later moved to the activation team. She enjoys solving problems for customers and that’s the path she has been on since November 2017.

Cynthia has enjoyed working with people who challenge her to do more than what is required of her and that’s how she has been able to grow to where she is today. Her  goal is to master the art of business growth through marketing and keeps working towards this.

Fun Fact About Cynthia..

In University, Cynthia did paper crafting. She sold handmade cards to raise extra pocket money. She also loves to play card games with friends and her favorite game is Charades.
As we come to a close of the interview, Cynthia’s parting shot is  “Cellulant doesn’t just offer you a job. It offers you an opportunity to learn and grow as much as you can dream.”


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