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As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to catalyse a shift in consumer buying behaviour due to measures by governments to enforce social distancing.

There is an immense opportunity for businesses to re-invent their models to enable the delivery of their goods and services online.

Despite its great promise, e-commerce has been struggling to really take off in the continent until recently.

Social commerce is going to be a big engine for growth for the retail space, the next 5 years for eCommerce in Africa are going to be quite exciting. 

Moses Abindabizemu, Chief Operations Officer, Cellulant

Webinar: A New era for eCommerce in Africa

This week, Cellulant convened a webinar discussion and invited thought leaders whose companies are at the forefront in driving eCommerce adoption in Africa.

This was the first in Cellululant’s #DigitizationUnusual series that aims to spark discourses on Africa’s quest for a digital economy. The topic was the current state of retail and the future of e-commerce and the panelists were;

Isaac Hunja, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, SkyGarden
Moses Abindabizemu, Chief Operations Officer, Cellulant
Babajide Duroshola, Country Head Nigeria, Safeboda
Thuku wa Thuku, Country Manager Kenya, Smile Identity
Moderator: Rita Njeri, Head of Account Management Global & Regional Merchants, Cellulant

We hope that thee thoughts and insights from these industry thought leaders serve as a guide to startups, SMEs, retailers and entrepreneurs to gain a deeper understanding of the changes happening within the space in order to adopt new business models to survive and thrive.

“When we talk about infrastructure, most tend to equate us to developed countries, however, our type of infrastructure however unconventional, is there. The challenge is how to best harness it”

~ Babajide Duroshola, Country Head Nigeria, SafeBoda

Logistics, Payments & Digital KYC

Some of the topics covered in the webinar included:

  • What have been the biggest challenges in proving the viability of eCommerce in Africa
  • What role has infrastructure, logistics and payments played in uptake?
  • What effect has the social distancing measures and lockdowns had on; Consumer lifestyle and buying behaviour, logistics and Retail as an industry
  • Why is digital identity technology crucial for this new era of eCommerce?
  • What role are payment processors playing in simplifying customer journey & payment experience?
  • What is likely to be the effect of social media tech companies venturing into the online retail marketplace. How will this affect eCommerce as we have known it in Africa?

Watch the webinar session below;

Cellulant Webinar Series

The Cellulant Webinar Series is a monthly event where we shall be inviting various thought leaders and subject matter experts in various sectors as we seek to best support and advise corporate companies & SMB business owners, CEOs, CIOs and CTOs in their digital transformation journey.

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