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In the wake of the current crisis, digitizing has moved from being a posterity agenda debated in boardrooms to a survival game with many casualties in what has become the new normal. Within just weeks, the world has been flung into ‘Digitization Unusual mode’  as businesses find ways to survive and ensure continuity. The COVID-19 crisis has become the single biggest catalyst for a digital transformation and has moved digitization from a niche market into mass adoption.

As governments continue to implement curfews and lockdowns in order to enforce social distancing, consumers are now engaging with businesses through online channels.  Large consumer segments especially the older generation to whom this whole digital world held little appeal are now becoming active users.

Ken Njoroge recently shared his thoughts on how African businesses can thrive in a world beyond COVID-19 and why there is an immense opportunity for business to re-invent their business models in an exclusive article with The African Business Magazine. Read it here


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