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It is said that you don’t know what you have until it is gone. Truth is you knew what you had you just thought you’d never lose it.

The events of January 15th are still fresh in my memory like yesterday as I remember how terror struck and deprived us of brave 6 minds at Cellulant. Nevertheless – we are stronger again.

Surviving Death

I want to sincerely thank God because I together with many others survived and got another chance to live and make a difference in life. If the clip of these events could be replayed – then you would understand better how we survived death by a whisker.

When the terrorist attack happened, it caught us all off-guard and this just tells you how much attention it needs for one to recover and heal from the ordeal. I have been thinking a lot throughout this period about why all this had to happen, what lessons are resonating from this and how it is redefining my purpose in life?

Redefining one’s Purpose in Life

I have been able to reflect on why life is very precious and that I should live it in such a manner that transforms other people’s lives.

This has essentially navigated my healing through this and has made me soldier on with a  new sense of purpose, renewed strength and vision in life.

How do you then heal and recover from such like a situation? My answer to this lies in coming to the realization within oneself that life is delicate, a gift from God, a precious flower to preserve.

When you have a chance to be alive what transformation does your life bring to people’s lives? The fallen brave six left with the mantle and so it is upon us to run with the button of the work that they started in changing the lives of many.

How about embracing the power, mercy and grace of God that is sufficient? I realized that by surviving from the January ordeal, it was by the help of the hand of God – and so this has played a bigger role in gravitating my life to understand my purpose in life, my vision, and my mission.

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Chrispinus Odhiambo is an HR & Talent Officer at Cellulant . 


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