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I am naturally an introvert who has learned to navigate my anxieties, and look like an extrovert. I know that sounds strange but I would rather be reading, writing, and tending to my plants than in out front and centre, yet I have come to love this new side of me that has drawn out facets I didn’t even know existed. Working with Cellulant is one of the best experiences of my life because I thrive on teamwork. I am at my best working with others, organizing and motivating them to do their best work, and consider my best work and results in the people who have worked with me and gone on to lead their own teams. This has come out most strongly for me in my time in Zimbabwe. When you consider living in a Zimbabwe, with its economic, social and political challenges…it has been quite something. It has taken persistence, resilience, courage in the face of constant  re to meet and surpass our expectations but has helped us learn a lot about our capabilities as a team despite the challenging environment. I can say without fear of contradiction that when you surround yourself with the right people you can overcome anything, because an amazing team pushes itself to excel. The most amazing people have walked through our doors, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to work and grow with so many of them as they inspire, challenge, and amaze me, even though many times we  ght like any family would. I have had de ning moments like the week I spent in Cellulant Nigeria! Oh my! The county is amazing and the team is even more amazing… I need to spend some time there. It is a fabulous team that is dead set on conquering Africa’s largest market! The conviction of the Abuja team when talking through Agrikore and tingg literally gives you goosebumps. I recommend that every Cellulanter should spend time in Nigeria. I have learnt to take a stand with my work. When Cellulant lost KCB as a client, I was the CET lead responsible for the relationship. The anxiety, worry and fear leading up to that moment was like nothing I’d ever known before. It was career de ning and life changing all in one. It has also taught me that achieving one’s goals is not an event, rather it’s a journey of self-discovery where you fall, you fail, you pick yourself up, but you must Never Ever Give up! Sometimes the long way around is the most scenic and has the greatest lessons, so take it and enjoy the journey. Cellulant changed my life, from one of having some potential to a future billion dollar business leader! My experiences and learnings have sharpened my thinking, and honed my talent to build, lead and motivate teams, and because teams are the heart of our business, I want to be more intentional on developing my coaching and mentoring skills. I choose to continue learning from those around me so that we can achieve goals that seem impossible.

Angela Centra – Cellulant Zimbabwe


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