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Africa’s First Payment Platform Infrastructure service provider digitizing value chains to power economic inclusion by empowering everyone with access to financial services.

Discover Tingg… an integrated hub of digital services that powers commerce and end to end payments within ecosystems. We provide simple access to fast, secure and cost friendly payment and commerce services for blue chip companies, fast moving consumer goods companies, SMES, consumers – banked and unbanked, corporates and governmental entities.

Users can make and receive card and bank payments, pay bills, save, borrow, promote their business on a single platform with multiple channels.

Tingg is the ideal solution for everyone

tingg for the Consumer

Save more money by changing the way you pay and shop

Why handle multiple platforms when you can have one unique platform to manage all your payment needs, to shop and to transfer money to anybody, anywhere at anytime? Experience Tingg online or offline through our web and mobile channels, and at our various touchpoints to enjoy easy access to your payments and transfer needs. It is simple and cost effective.

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tingg for Gov/NGO

Real time monitoring of who, where and how your funds or items are being disbursed

Disburse funds or e-vouchers, collect donations from partners, track expenditure and monitor disbursement processes from one end to another whenever you are on a single platform; simple to integrate.

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tingg for Business

Receive payments & Promote your business all on the same platform

Experience and enjoy a single, simple and secure platform to collect cards and bank payments, promote your goods and services, pay salaries, track expenditure, get loans and much more. You can use Tingg online or offline for payments, transfers an commerce services through our web and mobile channels and at our various touchpoints.
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tingg for Developers

Easy to plug in API

The perfect payment solution for smooth collection providing easy integration, various payment methods and channels, bill matching for correct payments, instant payment notification, payment management solutions and round the clock reliability.

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NBS: Hope for a generation

I had graduated from college then completed my compulsory national youth service by the time I was 24 years old all the while looking forward to being retained in the Real Estate Firm where I had served; sadly it wasn’t to be...


"I am hopeful now and very grateful for the services Tingg has brought to us. Small things like this make a big difference in our lives."

Eveline - widow and mother, Anka LGA of Zamfara State