Our Culture

We are
Problem solvers
System thinker

Cellulant culture

“Culture” is a very special piece that directly
relates to our people and our collective vision of
how we want to relate to each other and the world.


Our culture is an integral part of our mission. We
believe each and every one of us shapes this
culture together.

We take our culture
very seriously

What Makes Us

Our team is our magic sauce. At Cellulant, we believe that each employee contributes directly to the growth and success of the company. We seek to attract highly motivated individuals who want to work as a team and share in the commitment, responsibility and discipline required to achieve our mission.

What We Value

Everyday We come to work with intention, striving to live out our values in every aspect of the work we do together. We are guided by 3 core values:

Customer Delight,
Whatever It Takes.

We strive for excellence and the very best outcomes when serving our customers and supporting our colleagues. 

Cellulant people
Celluant people

Keep it simple,
keep it connected

There is beauty in simplicity. When we speak the same language, cut through the clutter and seek to understand, we reach our goals together.

Lead with

No matter where you work we believe we can always ‘Get it done’. We measure ourselves against the highest levels of standards of integrity, commitment and fiscal responsibility.

What is in it for you?

Cellulant is unlike any other place you have worked. It will ask more of you, challenge you more deeply, and push your creativity, vision and drive.

But it will also deliver more satisfaction, more pride, and more reward
What we are working toward at Cellulant is more than just business objectives or quarterly results. We are building a bigger, better, and more prosperous future for Africa with opportunities for all.

Our goal is to have an outsized impact on our communities, our countries, and our continent.

Our people

Our Journey So Far

From a dream on a napkin to a payments leader

What does our everyday look like

Our Brand is all about Our People

We hire visionary
leaders who love
to dream big

Our aspirations go beyond our global tech peers. We are technologists and reformers.
Our icons are world leaders that made real change for ALL people.

We speak to the striver in all of us.

Want to work with Visionary leaders dream big ?

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