For Merchants

Providing businesses
with a single, seamless
platform, enabling them
to process all types of

Cellulant business offering

We leverage a unique set of capabilities to be
the one-stop-shop payments platform for
businesses across Africa

Comprehensive acceptance of local payment methods and payouts

Extensive reach and capabilities across both the online and offline payments market

Seamless provision of a complimentary product suite for businesses and banks

Deep partnerships with banks

Single web-platform/API

Our single web-platform/API enables businesses
to collect payments from 257 methods across 35
markets, while we also empower businesses to
make payouts and cross-border transfers

Cellulant API

Accept Payments


Payment collection from consumers in-store or on delivery

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Payment links

Bill payments through mobile money, bank and card

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Online payment gateway

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Payment pages

Online payment for businesses without a website/app

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Make Payments


Payout of funds into mobile wallets / bank accounts

Airtime Remittances

Assist international airtime vendors with last-mile payout

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